Sunbathe More Comfortably Than Ever Before!

Sunshade of the 21st Century

The ChairVisor™ sunshade is the only personal sunshade accessory that delivers full sun protection for your guests and at the same time allows your business to increase revenues with promotional and advertising materials space.

Full Sun Protection

Solar Powered

Display Menu and Ads

Fully Customizable

Solar Powered

Conveniently charge your cell phone, tablet or any mobile device at poolside.

The ChairVisor™ sunshade has integrated solar panels that can charge a mobile phone, tablet or any other mobile device. ChairVisor solves the problem of keeping devices charged at poolside.

First Class Poolside Experience

Ultimate leisure and relaxation

The ChairVisor™ sunshade embodies everything that luxury Hotels, Resorts & Cruise Ships wish to promote. The sunshade allows guests to sunbathe in comfort, evoking positive feelings of leisure and relaxation.

Take ChairVisor Anywhere!

Enjoy your favorite outdoor activity like never before!

The ChairVisor sunshade can be easily attached to any outdoor furniture.

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