Sunbathe More Comfortably Than Ever Before!

Sunshade of the 21st Century

ChairVisor™ is a remarkable sunshade that allows customers to both experience the splendor of the sun, without burning their face. Better still, the unique design of the sunshade allows your business to freely advertise and promote sales through a designated space inside the visor. ChairVisor, though a spectacular invention by itself, can also be exceptionally valuable to the owners of any business. It is rare that an invention such as this has such diverse and lucrative uses. The ChairVisor allows you, a business owner, to make your customers more comfortable, and as they relax and enjoy the marvelous sunshine, you can provide them a protective sun cover. Your business is important to you, and every penny counts. ChairVisor is one of those few inventions that benefits everyone; the customer, the owner, and the business earning the promotion. Today, advertisements are important to popularize a brand and increase sales. In American markets, competition is intense and cut-throat. So, why not get any boost you can? ChairVisor is a great opportunity to help brands, as well as people. Which means, it is truly an invention to benefit everyone.

Full Sun Protection

Solar Powered

Display Menu and Ads

Fully Customizable

Solar Powered

Conveniently charge your cell phone, tablet or any mobile device at poolside.

A common thought would be, how do you charge these chairs? How are they getting the power they need to make electronic orders. Well, aside from being an asset to many business, the ChairVisor is also good for the planet. On each model, solar panels are attached to the sun-facing portion of the visor. So, you don’t have to worry about pulling in the visor to an outlet for energy. Instead, you can leave them out in the sunlight to charge.

First Class Poolside Experience

Ultimate leisure and relaxation

And, as if this sun visor could get better, the visor also has the ability to store enough solar energy to charge any items guests might have by the pool. That means, you can freely charge your mobile devices by plugging them into the visor while you are being protected by the sunshine.

Take ChairVisor Anywhere!

Enjoy your favorite outdoor activity like never before!

The ChairVisor sunshade can be easily attached to any outdoor furniture.

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