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September 15, 2018
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ChairVisor Can Improve Your Lounging Experience

Improving Your Lounging Experience

Vacation time is to be appreciated and enjoyed to the fullest. After all, you don’t get that many days off for vacation and moments away from your desk. Because of this, you want to make the moments away from you day-to-day life as special as possible. For many, beach resorts are an excellent getaway for a few days. Together, you and your loved ones, can lounge in the sun and enjoy the sounds of vacation. But, not all vacations are without struggle. For instance, at resorts, the kitchens can be impacted and there is typically not enough staff to keep up with every customer’s needs. Because of this, receiving the service you need to have a flawless vacation experience is affected, meaning you might have to wait quite a while to get your requests answered.
In this blog, we will explain why ChairVisor can solve this service problem and create a more enjoyable vacation for you and your loved ones.

Sun Visors Protect You From the Sun

It is common to use umbrella shades to shield yourself from the sun. Beach resorts use this form of technology to help protect their customers from the harsh sun and to keep their items from overheating while they enjoy resorts amenities. Though this may seem like a great system, umbrella shades are very flawed sources of shade. For one, umbrellas don’t adjust easily. Instead of being able to simply adjust their shade according to the sun, you, unfortunately, have to either cover yourself with a towel or move seats. Umbrella shades also don’t always have stands to told them up. This means that resorts will have to dig a hole in the sand to prop-up the umbrellas. Digging holes into the sand can be dangerous for customers. Small children may not see the hole and accidentally get their foot stuck and hurt themselves. This likelihood for injuries makes this source of shade dangerous and inconvenient for beach goers. Second, digging holes into the sand can leave open gaps in the sand which can let pieces of trash can get stuck major walk-areas. This can also mean that customers can step in the holes and accidentally step on pieces of plastic or bits of trash.
When you use ChairVisor, you get an adjustable sun shade that is applicable to any sun chair. This means that this shade can adjust to the movement of the sun and requires little effort to fit to any sun lounge chair; all you have to do is remove the shade, and you’re done!

Our Solar ChairVisor Powers Itself

Our solar chairVisor is solar powered, which are extremely energy efficient.  But, since they are solar powered, they don’t require hardly any maintenance. This means your staff can be tasked with other important customer requests, rather.

Order What You Want, quickly

One of the main benefits of ChairVisor is that it includes advertisement space directly on the shade material screen. This means your business can put in place a poolside menu or anything your resort wishes to market. Your captive audience can order food and beverages from the comfort of your lounge chair. Instead of waving to busy resort staff, all you have to do is turn your ChairVisor shade 180 degrees to show the menu and your resort staff now can recognize your customer is in need of service. By relying on ChairVisor, your lounging experience is amplified and improved significantly.


If you are interested in ChairVisor, visit our website to learn more about its incredible features. Contact us today.

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