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March 19, 2016
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Welcome to ChairVisor!

A Visor Made For Luxury

The summer brings a lot of wonderful things; such as poolside afternoons and tropical drinks. The summer season is truly marvelous for getting a tan and relaxing in the sweet sunshine. Although there are a bunch of positive aspects of summer, there are small nuisances to the season as well. For one, sunburns are one of the worst aspects of summer. Sunburns hurt and can be very distracting. Worse, very few things are true remedies for a gnarly burn. Aloe does help to calm angry skin, but ultimately, only time really heals a sunburn.
The worst type of sunburn happens on your face. Facial sunburns can take a lot longer to heal and cause increased aggravation. Why? Well, there are a total of 43 different muscles in the face. When you burn your skin, any movement in your face becomes especially sensitive. Despite what you may think, you move your face much more than you would know. For example, one smile could activate over 17 different facial muscles. So, what is a way to make sure you don’t burn to a crisp?

An Innovation on Sun Lounges

Though sunblock is a go-to resource in defending against the sun, sun visors are also extremely helpful as well. With sun chair visors, you don’t have to struggle with sunscreen or temperamental sun umbrellas. Instead, a visor allows any reclining outdoor furniture to become both private and protected. Whether you are using a chair as a tanning lounge or for relaxation purposes, it is important that you are somewhat protected from the sun, especially if you are prone to dehydration.

Solar Visor

Solar visors offer more than just sun protection, at ChairVisor, our visors can offer many more opportunities for both business owners and customers. For one, our visors come with interior monitor screens. On these screens, customers can freely order or call for service from the comfort of their resort chair. Best of all, our visors come with solar power, so they are good for the environment, as well as any business’s electricity bill.

Product Placement Opportunities

Resorts could benefit from ChairVisor in more ways than one. Our sun visors not only will help resort staff find out who needs service, but has the capability to alert staff exactly what they want. For instance, a customer can use their visor to order specific items, such as a pina colada or a burger. With the help of our visor, waiting staff can be alerted to what the customers ordered. This, of course, will not only improve the quality of your service, but conserve your staff’s time.
Aside from time conservation and service improvement, ChairVisor can also help business and their sponsors. The ChairVisor comes with a unique product placement opportunity for sponsors, as the screen inside the visor can be utilized for advertising. So, if your resort is in need of product placement opportunities, our visor can help!


ChairVisor is a one-of-a-kind product with an incredible amount of advantages. Not only does this product benefit the customer, it also benefits businesses and their sponsors. It is important to recognize the value of a product that has so many positive aspects. Contact us today if you believe your business could benefit from our sun visors.

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